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Why Consign?

1. It's Easy - Basically, we do all the work and mail you a check once your item is sold. And at, there are no hidden fees. We charge a straight 12% consignment fee. All you have to do is mail us your memorabilia, and we'll take care of authenticating, photographing, loading it to the website, writing a description, promoting, advertising, selling and collecting payment. Then, as soon as we are paid for your item, we immediately issue you a check for exactly 88% of the high bid.

2. Results -, Saf Sports, LLC has a proven track record of sales results ranging from and & Gallery. Since SAF SPORTS LLC was formed in 1989, the focus has always been on the client. It is our expertise in thoroughbred memorabilia that makes the clear winner in horse racing memorabilia.

The Bottom Line

Only one thing really matters to you, the collector how are you going to get the most amount of money for your horse racing memorabilia? We believe that there is only one answer to that question by consigning to Other auction houses may try to "beg, borrow or steal" to be able to sell your horse racing memorabilia, but its what we do! At the end of the day, who is going to put the most amount of money in your pocket? We at Derby Auctions believe that our reputation within the thoroughbred racing memorabilia world speaks volumes Check out our past auctions and see some of the record prices that we've achieved and then give us a call.

Sam Finelli at (740) 972.4546 or [email protected]

Sell To Derby Auctions

As collectors ourselves, we know how difficult the decision is to sell a cherished item. Many of the things we've acquired have significant meaning for us, whether it has historical significance or captures a memorable moment in our collecting enjoyment. But we all know that one day we thought we would sell some of these prized possessions. You can rest assured that with Derby Auctions' strong list of experienced collectors, we can offer you a fair price for your horse racing memorabilia and collectibles, and be assured they will find a warm home in an avid collector's portfolio.

When To Sell

When to sell has always been the tricky part. With markets volatile and the economy not always steady, it's good to know that high quality collectibles have remained strong. Of course the best time to sell is when you don't HAVE to sell, but prefer to re-evaluate your collecting direction. Selling on your terms, your time frame is most beneficial to you. There's no worse time to sell than when you need that new transmission on your car and are short on cash. Short selling is not the way to go. Allow us to make an offer on your horse racing memorabilia items, whether one piece or an entire collection. You'll be surprised what we can offer you knowing we have ready buyers.

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